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Polly Bolton

    Singer, Songwriter and Voice Practitioner

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Media Reviews

Polly should be, in fact, must be included in any worthwhile list of great English folk singers... She possesses one of those rare voices that would even sound good sing the ingredients from the back of a cereal box.
Pat Thomas, Blackwaterside Magazine

Polly should be star; the girl's got an achingly attractive vocal
Simon Jones, Folk Roots

Polly Bolton possesses a voice unparalleled in English Folk Music.
Mick Sherlock

This delightful woman breathes new life into ancient tunes. She has an exquisite voice that rattles the vertebrae at any number of paces
John Philpot, Worcester Evening News.

She conjures up an air of abandon while actually maintaining superb control.
Tony Rose, The Guardian

Polly works with absolute focus, incredible vocal chops and creative interpretation that all writers dream of.
Jennifer Cutting, songwriter/producer USA

Polly is at her best when singing about love and it's darker side in particular....Polly makes full use of the emotional power of the song without the slightest touch of sentimentality. Clearly this is a singer of exceptional talent.
Ed Muddrell, Tykes News.

The waters of Bolton, Shepherd and Dunachie run fast and complex. Get your feet wet; better yet go swimming, best of all drown in it.
Simon Jones, First Hearing

Loveliest of trees is a deeply rewarding album that stakes Polly's claim to be the loveliest of singers.
Henry Peacock, Buzz

Polly Bolton's vocals were superb. She really is a very sensitive and compassionate singer who ought to make the highest grade.
Martin Kenney, Folk Roots (live review)

Polly's voice be it solo or tracked with its self is exquisite but it is the intelligent settings of these tunes that give it a fresh substance.
Steve Morris, Brum Beat

Polly Bolton's passionate, jazzy vocal style (she's a real belter when she wants to be) sets her apart from most British femme folk singers.
Ken Roseman, Music Hound essential folk album guide (USA)

Other Musicians

Polly stands alongside Kalinka Vulcheva (Bulgaria), Abida Parveen (Pakistan) and Aretha Franklin (USA), but as far as Great Britain is concerned she is, quite simply, the best!
Kevin Dempsey

What makes Polly so special is that she is a spectacularly gifted soloist who can completely give her self to supporting a writers/producer's vision....Polly works with the absolute focus, incredible vocal chops and creative interpretation that all writers dream of.
Jennifer Cutting, songwriter/producer USA

A singer of stunning virtuosity

Ashley Hutchings, Folk Roots


Polly's singing is even more magical than l remembered from that one listening.
Gabriel Yacoub

What the listeners say…

Good luck with all your future projects and thanks so much for providing so much pleasure to so many people.
Chris, Bucks

Polly's voice is exceedingly powerful and expressive! I know that the CD will linger long in my changer.
John, Rhode Island

Polly sounds like an angel with a truly beautiful voice
Mario, London

First stumbled across "Loveliest of Trees" and find it totally enchanting so l'm trying to collect everything by Polly.
Alan, Southampton

Please  tell Polly that l think her voice is wonderful and quite unique. Her range is terrific and the top notes are so true and precise and yet delicate and unforced.
Jean, Sutton Coldfield